Ok....this is usually my "fun" forum......I escape the everyday life and come here....well....I am having issues w/ my stepdaughter at the moment and would like opinions.

I have known my DH for 4 1/2 years....married 3 of those years. He has two 19 year old sons and a daughter who is soon to be 13.

For the most part, SD and I get along until I have to "correct" her. She has a potty (sailor's) mouth....She is giving me the silent treatment...Dh had told her that if she has nothing good to say, then don't say it....but she took it so far.

She has admitted that she doesn't listen to her stepdad either...her mom and stepdad always gets into fights over the kids....mom always sides with the kids (kids are spoiled and undisciplined).

I told DH that this behavior has to stop....I wanted to wash SD's mouth out w/ soap, but I can't do that....I am restricted in what I can do as a stepparent.

Has anyone been in similar situations where the stepkids automatically think you are the "wicked" stepmom? I know this is typical and I usually have a great relationship w/ my SD...but she is out of control....a lot of it is adolescence....but most of it is her ill-manners?