Found this on Xyron's website here:

If you have Vista, hold on to your machine. Xyron is apparently working on it. You can probably email Jen @ her email address in her post for further information.

<span class="ev_code_RED">Copied from Xyron Site:</span>
Amy and girls--here is a statement that we put out last week regarding our efforts to get your Wishblades working with Vista. We are making every effort to get this done for you so you can enjoy your purchase for many, many years.

Thanks! Jen

Jennifer Grant (formerly Jennifer Childs)

Founder-I Remember When...

Xyron Employee--email [email protected]

Xyron® Wishblade® and Microsoft® Vista® Compatibility

As more computer users upgrade to Vista, Microsoft’s new operating

system, questions have surfaced regarding the availability and timing of

Xyron® Wishblade® and Create and Cut™ software with Vista


Following is key information on this subject:

· Xyron Create and Cut software will be available for Vista operating

systems in 3rd quarter, 2007. (July-September)

· Xyron Wishblade 3.0 software will be available for Vista operating

systems in 3rd quarter, 2007

· The Wishblade 2.41 software that currently powers blue Wishblades

will not be upgraded to Vista as Xyron's vendor has elected not to

support this version of the machine.

Xyron is making every effort going

forward to provide a version of Create and Cut software that will allow

blue Wishblade owners to operate in Vista. In addition, this software

will provide additional capabilities such as word welding, instant

shadows and more!

Updates will be posted here on the Xyron website. We appreciate your

patience and support.


<span class="ev_code_RED">And another post:</span>
Hey gals--I know this is frustrating, but please read this reply I posted on the other thread...Were doing our best to make sure everyone has updated information, but somehow this slipped through...


Even though Wanda is giving you this information, I can promise you that we are still working on a way to get your blue wb up and running in the event that you will have to switch over to the Vista OS. As it currently stands, we are working on a Vista Patch for the Create & Cut software we released earlier this year.

The C&C is a program you can add to your blue wb and then use the Vista patch when we have it finished. C&C also give you new features that you don't currently have with your blue wb software including the capability of welding words.

I'm sorry this has been a struggle, but we won't leave you in the dark! " src="/emoticons/emotion-1.gif">