I have started a forum for the puzzle swap. This will allow you to communicate in an easy to read discussion area and be able to post photos.

It will be much easier to start a new post in the puzzle swap forum when you have a new question or comment than adding it to page 10 of the original post.

Also, the hostess will be able to have made into a sticky, anything that they feel is important enough to stick at the top of that forum.

After reading through the post for the puzzle swap, it seemed like the logical thing to do since no personal information is shared and there are many comments or questions in that multi-page thread that could have been new topics and have been found much quicker by just looking at the new posts in that swap's forum.

In the future, if you have some information that you would like to find from a previous swap, you will only need to go back to that swap's forum to get it.