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    For those of you that are new to scrapbook and only see the wonderful pages at craft or scrapbooking stores and online. I am here to tell you that you don't have to have great page and pay for them. Think of all the wonderful thing to can do with free items or thing you have around tha house. I will list a few examples and anyone with other ideas please add them in. I would have someone to stop scrapping but cause it make to much of a dent in the pocket book. plus the item will add more of a personal touch.

    Baby book (girl)-- use you kids old hair bow that they have grown out of. Their hand and feet prints. things from your baby shower or baby cards.

    Trips and Vacations- pick up as many pamphlets or brochure or guide what ever they have. Most hotel have a ton for the area but do does everywhere you go. keep an eye out. Save all ticket stubs, even dinner menus.

    Ball games--Save all ticket stubs, any kind of guide.

    Park- you can pick up leafs or flowers to dry

    Beach- sand, shells, seaweed(if your that dareing)

    Christmas- save pretty ribbons or really nice gift tags. or gift bag thay you are willing to cut up(this will work for any holiday. even gift paper will work.

    News paper clipping or cut out letters out of old catalogs to get different words or sayings.

    I'll add a few more late my kids just got home from ball pratice.

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    Great ideas! You can also use paint chips. They are free also! Just make sure you test them with an acid pen. Some of them are acid free, some are not. And, Sears tends to have some slightly bigger ones. Hope this helps someone! Happy Scrapping!
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