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    a little bit strange

    My friends son-in-law does Renaissance Festivals & also helps build the haunted house in his community every year so I tried to combine the two. This is for his birthday. The house on the inside is various building tools. The black on the front is paper distressed to look & feel like leather.
    A splash of paint,
    A plank of wood,
    Some nails and hammer too,
    Are just the thing for Mr. DIY,
    And that of course is you,
    For you like nothing better,
    Than painting a wall or two,
    Putting some furniture together,
    Or fixing a leaky loo,
    But as it is your birthday,
    I hope you'll take a rest,
    For even Mr. Mend It Man,
    Needs celebrations to refresh.

    Adding a picture of the recipient in his Renaissance outfit. He's the silver haired gentleman.
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