I guess that makes me the neighborhood snob because I got excited this morning when I saw the Peoria Enforcement Unit parked in front of the neighbors house. We've had issues in the past (& again this summer) with his swimming pool being just a big green mosquito breeding ground. His kids have played in our yard forever since his is nothing but but dead trees & grass and ours is nice green grass that is well maintained. My husband is 75 years old & still goes out & takes care of the yard, trees & bushes; mowing, trimming clipping. Neighbor has teenage son that does nothing. And there seems to be several other young males living there as well. He always has at least one junk car on the property & other junk just laying around. His dead Christmas tree was there until May or so. Finally chopped it up & put it in the trash. On TV there is always a neighborhood snob that thinks that property values go down because of an unkempt property. Besides being an eyesore I think there are health issues as well.