I have gone through months of computer problems. Some was because of the kind of computer hubby initially bought for me and the other was the CD version 7.4 for my HP printer.

My son who works for the University of Utah keepping their computers going, has been trying to correct the trouble this version has done to someone else's computer, too, as well as mine. He said that it is full of glitches that interfer with the other programs downloaded.

I tried for five hours trying to get this CD to stop causing my programs from repeating themselves and also from causing static on my machine. Nothing worked. I was unable to use my HP photo program because of this interference. And all it would do is offer me repeated attempts at reporting this error to HP service center.

All said and done, I finally scrapped this CD and downloaded Google's Picasso photo program. What a breath of fresh air, so to speak! It is so easy to use! I finally can edit and print my own photos!

I just wanted to give a warning to any of you who are thinking of downloading the HP 3200 series or 3300sereis. Beware!