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Thread: charity crop

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    OK...I am a co event planner for a charity crop.....I need some input on what you think,what you would do different...LOL
    we have hourly door prizes, special game prizes, a silent auction, and 50/50 raffle,2 different layout contests...we are having 3 make n takes by club members, 1 make n take by a vendor....a LSS present with some limited supplies to purchase...
    a continental breakfast, lunch and dinner...

    Is this too much going on???? not enough???? one of our event coordinators thinks we have too much stuff and people will be too busy or distracted to actually crop....This is a 14 hour crop....
    I would love any insight....you can email me at [email protected] or post a message here...
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    It does kinda seem like alot. But then 14 hours is also a long time. Have you thought about putting everything on a timeline to see how "crowded" the day will be with all the events you have planned? Maybe you could cut back the door prizes to just every other hour. Wish I could go! I love going to long crops for a whole day.



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