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  1. Hi Cass, I wondered if you had had a chance to read my previous question about the store near Lancaster. Also, you mentioned going to Valley Forge. How far away is that from you and how far away do you live from Gettysburg?
  2. Cass, I've heard about the Flower & Craft Warehouse you mentioned today. Isn't it outside Lancaster neat the outlets? I've been considering going there, but we're almost 2 hours away. I would go to the outlets, too, but would still like to know what the store is like as far as SB merchandise. Thanks, Sue
  3. Hi Cass, You might want to read a new response I just wrote in about your CK mag.thread. This is a new one I just wrote today. I found some information that I had torn out of a magazine that I think you may be interested in. And I'm writing to you privately since I wasn't sure you would check your thread out again. Hope this helps. I'm interested in it, too, and gave them my email address. Take care, Sue
  4. Hi Cass, we are getting serious about our kitchen cabinets & have been getting prices. I like the idea of the pull-out shelves, but my main concern is storage space. Don't the pull-outs take up quite a bit of space?
  5. I was just checking to see if you had read my PM to you about the butterfly die. I know you're busy, but at least I know that my PM got posted. Just get back to me when you have time. Thanks, Sue
  6. Hi Cass, I finally got a chance to use my new butterfly die. I'd like to get some tips from you. I'm using it in my C-Bug. I have never used a QuicKutz before, but am using the formula that I have. The one I made is rather difficult to get the small pieces out. Do you have the same problem? I did not use any of the things that came with the die other than the 1 die itself. Then I use the Bug plates. Am I doing anything wrong or are the small pieces just difficult to remove? Thanks for your help. Sue
  7. Cass, I got the butterfly die in the mail today. Thanks so much for all your help with this. I'm sure to enjoy it! Sue
  8. Hi Cass, Awhile ago I think it was you that I asked if it costs extra to mail a square card. Then I forgot to check back & now I can't find the thread. Can you tell me the answer, please? Thanks, Sue (Scrappin' Sue)
  9. Hi Cass, it's been awhile, but you posted a pretty card with 3 red butterflies on it. What did you use to make them? Sue
  10. Hi Cass, I just ran into the group's thread that you started for the baby shower. I remember asking you about the BB group, but never heard back & then I don't recall getting any info. about the shower. I just wanted you to know I didn't participate because I didn't know about it. It was a nice thing for you to do.
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