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  1. Cindi... I didn't want to say anything on the board but I just saw Margaret's lo about her g-son. She mentioned her son would have been proud... I remember her moving down to AR from MI to be by them... I never heard about anything happing to her son?

  2. Ok I was organizing old recipe folders and cards and saw some of the clear bags or envelopes you use for your cards... could you send me a link for where you get them. Also you bought a hand help hanger punch not long ago... was it a mm one? and the link for it...I knew I should have bought that when I saw it...

    I have been putting things back in my scrap room and ran across bags of bulk buttons I have bought for repackaging for sale... I'm going to get my mom to package them and decide on a header tag for things like this and my electronic cutter tags... The buttons aren't even going back into the room to loose again...lol.

    Thanks for your help !

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