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  1. Clarinda.........what r u doin?
  2. Hey Girl, R U on right now?.
  3. Hey, I am on here but can't be for long, I have to go get mother and go to Toledo. BoooHooo
  4. Go to chat!
  5. Hi I see your here! lol
  6. Hey, does this anything to do with my surprise???
  7. We can call cell to cell and than get on ... or just talk! But it's fun with some of the ladies also. We shampooed the carpet last night. We are having people over this afternoon. 4:00 ---???
    bye I'll send you and e-mail.

  8. Guess what. I can get on the chat here at home now. Yea. Now if you would only go on it when I am on it we could chat!!
  9. Good morning!! ARe you there? this is Tuesday morning!
  10. Go to forum and down to Nannadunn check here! I'm back can't get on bed. lol
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