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  1. Hi Honey! Happy upcoming Birthday! I hope you have the best day! I miss chatting with you! Hope to talk soon. Huggz, Donna
  2. Hi Donna ~

    How are you and Mikey doing? How is your health?

    We have been super busy with wrestling season, we have about 4 weeks left and then I can get back to scrapbooking, which has been sorely lacking since Nov/Dec.

    Work has been busy as well, as there are changes forthcoming, not sure what all that is going to entail, I just know that change is coming.

    Other than work and wrestling keeping me busy, I don't have much time for anything else.

    Hope you are doing well. Take care.

  3. Hi Bonnie, It has been so long since I have been on SAS, and of course the first thing I did was look for you and/or your layouts and here is where I landed, happily. You look awesome! HOpe all is well for you and your family. I miss you so much. Hope to chat with you soon.
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