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  1. Bonnie... I've been looking around at flights etc to Hawaii.! I'm determined to go this year! My dd is talking about getting married .. here's hoping she doesn't (can't stand the kid... she can't see he's not any good!) lol So I'm going to have to wait till after this time period any way! Feb.

    Here's my question.. you mentioned about buying a ticket and getting another for $50. (if I remember right) where and when do you find things posted like this? Do they send out notices?? I was checking because I'm getting notices for flights for like $49. etc... right now the same flight to San Diego compared to a couple of weeks ago has dropped in 1/2... probably gas. But I'm going to lock it in when it's low! lol

    Also I know you know the island but they have deals with a card...since we've never seen anything we probably would be interested in all this stuff but just not sure ??

    I'm getting excited... but I always start looking early and know what I want to do before I get there! lol

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