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  1. I just found some papers I copied off a website on how to use the Pearl Ex powders. I wish I had found it sooner & I could have put it in the box. If you go to www.rubberstampsclub.com/tips/pearl-ex-powders.html, hopefully they will still have it on there. My paper is dated 4/16/2008. Glad you got the box.
  2. Just wondered if you got the box yet. Sue
  3. Hi Judith, We made our weekly trip into town today & I got your pkg. mailed. The clerk said it should arrive to you by Tuesday. It cost $6.45 to mail the box with the Delivery Confirmation. Let me know when you get it and that everything is ok. Thanks.
  4. While we were in town today, I checked into shipping rates a little. I got a small flat rate box & was told that, since postage just increased, would cost $10.35 to mail regardless of the weight (isn't that awful?). Then a shirt size box I picked up is NOT flat rate & base shipping rate is $4.95. Of course the things I'd be mailing aren't heavy at all. So I wouldn't think it would be much more than that amount. Let me know what you think, OK?
  5. I just read the Sales/Trade section. I haven't been into that section for a long time. I saw where someone was selling stamps & Pearl Ex powders. You had asked the seller if someone had bought them, but she hadn't responded. Today I got my P.E. out to "play" with them. I've never really been too sure how to use them as well as the Pearlescent Watercolors I have. Anyway, if you are still interested & didn't get them through the other lady, I would consider selling mine. I have 12 P.E. powders that are almost completely unused. the Pearlescent watercolors are also almost new. Just let me know and if you're interested in either or both, we can get something worked out. Sue
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