View Full Version : 12/8 Ziggy and Tim TAG Challenge

12-08-2007, 06:34 PM

Tim Holtz has been doing a 12 Tags of Christmas. Be inspired even if you don't have all the cool stuff.


12-09-2007, 01:19 PM
I have loved looking at Tim's tags for the past week. He is so creative! I know that I can't do anything up to his level but I might give it a try. If it's not too bad, I'll think about posting it.

12-09-2007, 02:54 PM
Wow Ziggy! Awesome tag you did! I've got the stuff on my Christmas list!

12-11-2007, 01:16 PM
Ok, here's my try on the day 10 tag. I tried 2 times. Neither one is very good but at least, I tried.

12-11-2007, 02:32 PM
Judy, it looks great!!! http://forum.startascrapbook.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif I love it! You did a fantabo job!

Ziggs, i love your tag as well..

wow,,, tags will never be the same again!! http://forum.startascrapbook.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif It's been taken to a whole new LEVEL!

12-11-2007, 02:59 PM
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, he hasn't picked me yet and I don't own any of the cool stuff he works with.

Ziggyeor - did you make the tag in the first post? If you did, you did an awesome job.

Judy - your tags are cute too. I don't know anything about all the inks he works with, however, he does a lot of blending of inks from what I can tell.

12-11-2007, 03:08 PM
I don't have all the inks & paint dobbers that he uses but I just loved today's tag & wanted to try it. IMO, it's a far cry from Tim's but he's a pro too. In the left tag, I got everything too dark. In the right one, when I started wiping the paint off, I thought everything was coming off, even the paper! It was fun to do and was the 1st one of these that I've tried.

12-11-2007, 08:06 PM
oh no that was tim's tag. I worked late and didn't feel like doing a tag and was trying to finish an LO (adhesive story) before I moved all the LO stuff off to do th tag http://forum.startascrapbook.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_razz.gif

Oh yeah todays is cool! I tried it before but I used it on library pockets and it didn't look as good as Craft Lab. I think someone told me it works better on glossy? I didn't use paint though just inks.