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05-26-2007, 10:41 PM
I love to do research on buildings and places we go/see, here is the journaling on this particular hotel (and Ziggyeor this is your kind of hotel - nice and PINK):

The opening of The Royal Hawaiian on February 1, 1927, ushered in a new era of luxurious resort travel to Hawaii. The 6-story, 400-room structure was influenced by screen star Rudolph Valentino. Before the advent of air travel across the Pacific, the only means of reaching Hawaii was a minimum 5-day sea voyage. Travelers arriving to the islands would stay for a considerable period of time, bringing numerous steamer trunks, servants and even their Rolls Royce vehicles. Child actress Shirley Temple created a stir by strumming the ukulele on Waikiki Beach when she visited the Royal in the 1930s and the Shirley Temple cocktail was invented at the hotel.

The Royal Hawaiian played host to numerous celebrities, financiers, and heads of state until World War II. In January 1942, the hotel was exclusively leased to the United States Navy as a rest and recreation center for those serving in the Pacific Fleet. The Royal Hawaiian was re-opened to the public in February 1947 after a nearly $2 million renovation.

Dad recommended the Royal Hawaiian as the best beach with the least amount of coral.

Here is a link to the hotel located on Waikiki Beach: http://www.royal-hawaiian.com/pr_photos.htm#

I only wish I had these kind of photos!

05-27-2007, 06:04 AM
Love that LO Bonnie and enjoyed the little history lesson http://forum.startascrapbook.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif That paper is really pretty, what is it? Lisa

05-27-2007, 07:16 AM
How very cool Bonnie! I never would have thought to do the history of something as my journaling but you've done it very well! Love the paper too.

05-27-2007, 07:49 AM
Bonnie- you are doing such a great job scrapping your vacation! I love every LO you've done on Hawaii.

05-27-2007, 07:58 AM
As usual Bonnie a wonderful job and love the history lesson too

05-27-2007, 09:02 AM
Great Job Bonniehttp://forum.startascrapbook.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif I've seen the hotel and it's beautiful. It opens right onto Waikiki. It's my first choice of places to stay if I ever go back. It would be worth the $$$$$.

Your page is awesome. So clever to throw in some tidbits of history in! It really adds to a scrapbook. I will definately be doing this in future pages!

05-27-2007, 01:27 PM
Bonnie, I'm really loving you LOs of the Hawaii trip. You really are catching the essence of the islands.

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Pretty in PINK! http://forum.startascrapbook.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif Beautiful building, papers and LO!! Love the bit about Shirley Tample-cool trivia!

05-27-2007, 02:16 PM
Ditto here.....i am so enjoying your travel thru hawaii. so fun to look at and so interesting to read.

Stamp Queen
05-27-2007, 02:52 PM
Luv it!

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Really nice!

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LOVE this!

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Once again, I love the LO!