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10-10-2011, 05:37 PM

Ok, I show the baby sock corsage that I made on the crafts topic here on SAS & was asked to do a tutorial so here goes. I don't do videos so I hope the pictures & instructions will be good enough. This is a combination of 3 or 4 other sites that I looked at & then figured out what worked for me. One site said to use floral tape. I tried that & it didn't work at all of me plus, it stained the baby socks. That's one reason for the combination.

Materials needed:
3 to 5 individual baby socks- the baby I'm doing these for is a boy so I used blue. Pink is real cute & if it's a girl, the socks with the lacy tops make an adorable corsage for the mom to be
3-5 pipe cleaners or chenelle stems. I used white
baby's breath fake flowers
floral wire like is used with the BowDabra (a string with a wire center)
diaper pins (1 per corsage)

1. 916291639164 Start at the toe of the sock. Roll tightly upward. Before you get to the top opening of the sock stop rolling & turn the end over the bottom of the part that you rolled up.

2. 9165 Roll 3 to 5 socks, depending on the size you want the corsage. I used 5 socks for the mom-to-be and 3 socks for the grannys to be

3. 9166 For the socks that go on the lower part of the corsage use about a 6" chenelle stem. For the top sock on the corsage, use a 12" stem. Wrap the stem tightly around the rosebud base (the part you folded up). Go around the base 2 or 3 times & leave part of the stem hanging out.

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Thanks Judy!!! I am hosting my niece's shower next month.

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Thanks, I may do that.