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09-17-2009, 09:11 PM
I have had the time of my life looking at all those big beauiful rooms you all have and so amazed by how much stuff you all have and how you did a great job organizing it all.:eek:

Love it all & Thank You for sharing them :)


09-18-2009, 06:52 AM
Lisa, the best thing in organizing a scrap room is having what I call the "anal-retentative" gene. Some of us have been doing this for years, so we do have lots of stuff, which we pick up here and there, especially with coupons.

My best advice is to see how you organize other areas of your life, and go from there. I sort things by manufacturer, or by color, or by usefulness. I have some Bazzill and Stampin Up paper, but I keep them separated, because they are so expensive and when I want to use their papers, I know I have them in one spot, and not have to sort through everything else.
Know what you want when you go to the store. Take your pictures with you so you can match the paper with the pictures and only buy what you need. If you haven't looked at sketches, try to do a sketch with your pics then buy the paper and embellishments.
Periodically give away some of your unused stuff. If it came as part of a set and you've used what you liked, it's just taking up space sitting around. Plus, you get to share the wealth of what you have. Also, it frees up space for what you do want.
Beware of clearance items. Yes, it's an awesome price, but unless you have a specific use for the item, did you just make the store's inventory problem yours? I try to limit myself to only things I had looked at and wanted at regular price, and paper that has again, a specific use, or is a color you can use in the future.
Don't be first in line to buy the latest gadget. Let others test it first and see what they have to say. SAS is a great resource to ask about new things.
Storage can be in boxes, baskets, or plastic bins, just make sure it fits your lifestyle. I use Snapware bins for markers, flowers, and mini-ink pads. I can reposition my boxes for crops and they fit perfectly in the area I have designated for them. I know I will never have the "magazine-spread" kind of room, so mine is a mix and match of plastic, baskets and yard sale finds that work.
If you don't have a designated room or space, try and keep your things close to where you scrap. I could have all the room I wanted in the basement, but I would never go there to scrap, because it's just not where my family is. Having things in the main floor of the house lets me rearrange a LO before I tape it down, or punch out a few things while I'm waiting for the school bus to come. Those momemts help my sanity!
I hope this helps. Some are blessed to have enough room for a scrap room, and others are doing it on their kitchen or dining room tables. Happy Scrapping!

gluemore girl
09-18-2009, 06:58 AM
Thanks Lisa... again welcome to SAS! I enjoy looking at others' spaces
(& pages) too... I also like organizing.