View Full Version : Scott from American Idol

05-27-2009, 01:32 AM
I liked Scott on American Idol. He was not my favorite, but his singing was decent enough.

However, he has disappointed me some what.

The week he was voted off AI, he complained that the judges should have used the veto thing on him. Personally, I thought he deserved to go that week....actually a bit sooner.

Then, this past week, he was being interviewed and complained in how the producers took the plan out of the finale show of him and Matt singing a duo w/ two pianos next to each other like a puzzle piece. Billy Joel was rumored to be singing w/ them....but at the last minute, the producers cut this part out of the show.

I am finding him whiney. I so wished that he would not do that. He can be an inspiration to a lot of people...but this whiney-ness and feeling intitled has turned me off.